Excited Man Day Trading

Our Trading Rules

Rules To Promote Healthy Trading

  1. Keep a positive attitude.
  2. Continually strive for patience, perseverance, and rational action.
  3. Place a stop loss order each time you place a trade.
  4. Never cancel a stop loss order once you have placed it.
  5. Take advantage of losses when they occur to learn something and improve your trading knowledge.
  6. Speculations most difficult task is self control not prediction. You are the most important asset in the equation for successfu day trading.
  7. Expect to lose occasionally and accept this with grace and composure. Don't miss the next opportunity brooding over the last loss.
  8. The difference between successful and unsuccessful day trading is discipline to avoid mistakes not clever ability.
  9. Accept failure as a step towards victory.
  10. If a trade is moving in your favor move your stop loss with it to protect your position and limit losses.
  11. Forget losses quickly. Forget wins even quicker. Ego and greed will destroy clear thinking and common sense.
  12. Subordinate your will to the will of the market for the market is truth as it reflects all the forces the bear down upon it.
  13. It's easier to put on a trade than to take it off.
  14. If you don't know who you are, the markets are an expensive place to find out.
  15. Lose your opinion not your money.