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ProTrader Signals.com has developed the fastest day trading signal system producing LIVE S/P E-Mini signals for long and short day trading positions.

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Our proprietary day trading signal system has taken 5 years to complete in order to provide the Highest Risk/Reward Ratio and the Fastest Signal Delivery System.

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Monthly Performance

MonthYearTotal TradesProfit PointsLoss PointsPercentage
September2017311.00-3.50 66.67%
August20171270.25-22.50 75.00%
July20172187.50-19.75 57.14%
June201730138.75-24.00 76.67%
May20171483.00-0.50 92.86%
April20172491.25-28.50 62.50%
March201724117.75-17.00 62.50%
February2017978.50-11.00 77.78%
January201720224.50-31.00 65.00%
December201610.00-1.00 0.00%
November2016646.00-20.00 66.67%
October201613119.75-11.25 84.62%
September20161394.75-14.00 84.62%
August201613119.00-11.50 76.92%
July201611204.00-6.00 81.82%







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